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Medieval Ages

torture devices

Europe's Medieval period lasted through the 5th to the 15th century. During this period, torture was often used to extract confessions, or find the names of accomplices or another information about crimes. Laws and native customs did not impose limits for the treatment of prisoners or even the extent to which torture could be inflicted. In fact, confessions are not considered genuine or sincere when so-called "light torture" was utilized (such as toe wedging and strappado).

A variety of torture were used based on the victim's crime, gender, and social status. Skilled torturers would use methods, devices, and instruments to extend life as long as possible while inflicting agonizing pain. Many prisoners were tortured before execution in order to obtain more information; in many of these cases, the execution method was section of the torture endured by prisoners.

torture techniques

Post by torturetechniques124 (2016-03-31 13:57)

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